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Update: 02.29.2016 – Back on the grind, got my focus and thoughts in order.  You will see much more regular articles and I am in the process of looking for a couple guest writers.

Update: 11.22.2015 – Life happens.   Since the last update, the intellectual muscle of our website has been researching, learning, reading and most important, thinking.  It is important to have something worthwhile to say before you say it.   Life and history are so broad that is just takes time to get a perspective worth sharing.

Update:  12.16.2012 – We are in the process of rebooting “The Tally Stick”.  When this site was first envisioned and launched, the core direction and purpose was not determined.  Now after much more research and historical reading a purpose and aim has been determined.

Right now the leading nations of the world are at odds with their own ideals and where they want to bring the people in the 21st century.   Rights, Security, Economics, Legal Precedent, Energy Policy and the Environment are going through a massive transformation with many conflicting ideas and solutions taking place.

Our goal is to highlight and give depth to these events that are taking place while doing our own analysis and solution proposals for anyone that wants to take the time to read, comment and continue this dialogue with us.  Our hope is that future generations will be able to counts portions of the information found in our writings as informative, accurate, well thought out and helpful to this discussion.  We are at a time when there have never more people un-involved and un-informed that ever, even in an age of inter-connectedness and inter-dependance.

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