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Not All Millennials Should be Treated Equal

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First and foremost, I am considered to fit in the category of being born in the millennial generation. Therefore, I am a millennial. But, I must say, the biggest similarity that I have with other millennials is the fact that my birthday lies between 1981 and 1996. This is a big gap in time that encompasses a vast amount of diversity in individual thought, education, morals, personality, and so much more.

We speak of how lazy, narcissistic, dependent and entitled this generation is, yet, these qualities can be used to describe many of us in varying generations. These terms should really be used to describe what we have created as new societal norms, which includes many more people compared to those just in the millennial generation.

There is a problem with how hastily we categorize each other. Creating assumptions before even meeting each other. There are so many categories we cram each other into lately and it is frightening because we are all unique individuals that one group or term should not be used to describe, or a list or categories for that matter.

Am I millennial? Yes. Do I identify as having Republican political ideals? Yes. Christian? Yes. Homemaker? Yes. See you are trying to gain an understanding of who I am. But you can’t, because even though I am placed in these categories does not mean that each category fully defines who I am as an individual. You may actually be surprised how I defy the norms of these categories. So throw away your prejudices and get to know each other by caring and wanting to gain an understanding of each individual you interact with by engaging in meaningful conversations. Not the petty conversations we all have now a days because we don’t want to hurt each others feelings, but something deeper and more meaningful to gain an understanding of the persons’ experiences, morals, views, beliefs, personality without the barriers of categorization.

We need to learn from one another. If the conversation happens to have opposing views then inquire deeper and try to gain an understanding of a new viewpoint. We need to have these hard conversations to progress society to a new norm, one that is boundless in categorization.

We have created a normalcy of feeling based arguments, categorizations followed by prejudices, broken families, lack of common sense, dependence, debt ridden, unmoral, lack of religion or purpose, yolo mentality vs eternal life with God, sex and money idolization, all of which are hard to break the cycle from. All of which will never lead the next generation to accomplish any good as a whole, instead we are contributing to the digging of a hole.

How are you going to contribute to fix these problems and help build a better foundation for the next generations sake? We need to have these tough conversations with friends, families, educators, politicians, strangers. We need to create dialogues with as many people as we can so we can better gauge where societal thought is going and why it is going astray.

Most importantly, take parenting your children as the utmost important task in your life. Research, educate, discipline, create healthy habits, and love them unconditionally. You only get once chance to raise them. Make it count.

Having these conversations directly about controversial topics or issues while setting aside the categorization of individual assumed stances allows us to gain an understanding of peoples views and allows you to inquire as to why they stand for the so called issue or not. This can create a more harmonious society. When we discuss a wide range of topics we come to an understanding that we are more alike than we think. And even if it goes completely opposite than that, we still need to learn how to communicate with each other to gain an understanding as to why they believe a certain thing. This can either lead to the solidification of your viewpoint, or skew it gradually. Both of which is fine, but we need to stop all the negativity from the get-go of meeting someone, a glass ceiling is created and topics will be untouched based nearly on assumptions. If we keep having these hard conversations the categorizations of humanity will hopefully deteriorate and we can be more loving and accepting towards others by eliminating barriers of preconceived notions and prejudices.

We need to be break out of our comfort zones in order to move forward and break the ugly cycle that is occurring in society today.

Written by Tathiana Wolfe

February 11th, 2019 at 9:10 pm

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