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The Coming Consequences of Banking Fraud

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An apology must be put forth for the huge delay since our last posting.  Basically we try and only put the creme of the crop on here.  Well we found just that type of story that I hope you enjoy.  It covers this massive banking fraud that is taking place in the United States.  J.S. Kim wrote an excellent piece on the consequences for these lies and secrets that have been kept from the public to try and maintain the current crop of corrupt banks.

With gold passing the $1,000.oo /oz. mark and the Federal Reserve losing the Freedom of Information Act lawsuit, it looks like these lies are starting to come to the surface and the facts will be known.   Over the next couple weeks I will be sitting down to write some serious articles about some of the major issues we are facing in America and I will try and give my prescription to address these pressing issues.

Without further ado, here is Mr. Kim’s article:

The Double Dip Recession, or the “W” shaped recovery that a minority of economists, such as Joseph Stiglitz, is now stating as a strong possible outcome of this current rally, should not be discussed in the realm of economics but rather in the more apropos realm of financial fraud. The fact that the upleg of the “W” shaped recovery that is occurring now will inevitably crumble in spectacular fashion will not be a result of any free market principle, but rather the direct consequence of a fraudulent scheme executed by an elite global financial oligarchy, otherwise known as Central Banks. If the mission of this current manufactured leg-up in Western stock markets was to fool the world into believing that global economies are recovering, then clearly, up until this point, the mission has been a resounding success. For those unfamiliar with the term “blowback”, it’s a CIA term that was first used in March 1954 to describe the unintended consequences of US government international activities kept secret from the American people.

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September 11th, 2009 at 1:37 pm

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