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Observation: Uploading directly to your brain a wise idea?

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Should you allow direct access to your mind via a computer?

First off I don’t want this to come off as a anti-technological rant or some how it makes you feel like I am against real technological progress.   In my lifetime alone, I fortunately have witnessed a few of the most important technological advances in human history, naming the rise of the microprocessor, the Internet and mobile communication.   Being in my mid-30s, I grew up without these being a major effect on my early life so that I had perspective of life without these profound advances and at the same time, I realized the profound impact they would have on modern society and embraced them in my own way.   I always kept on top on new advances and started businesses that utilized them.  What I am saying is I respect technology but I have not drunk the Kool-aid so my objectively is still intact with a slight pro-tech leaning in place, right where I need to be.  Enough said.

When talking about direct brain interfaces with machines, this is a technology that should give you reason to pause.  Virtual Reality (VR) is just getting off the ground with 2nd generation consumer hardware hitting the market so logically this seems like the next step right?   Wrong.  When you are talking about connecting a computer to your mind this opens up a whole new level risks that come associated with it.

First, is it safe?  What long-term affects with it have on humans?   What happens if a hacker ‘hacks’ your brain and starts toying around with you mind, possibly removing, changing or adding memories.  I believe there could be great interest if people start realizing the possibility with this kind of technology.  It should be accessed initially, very restrictively, while we create a new body of law to deal with Mind Loading.  Harnessing powerful technologies requires great wisdom & caution to use ethically for the benefit of society.  We don’t want to create some unintended consequences that makes us more vulnerable down the line.  I believe this is one of those technologies that present this type of risk for humanity.  It seems to be a very radical idea that any limitations to technological advancement is a terrible thing.  Our wisdom shows when we use good “judgement”.

This is pretty profound technology when you really start weighing the implications that having a door into your mind presents.  This isn’t necessarily only a one-way street, if you can put stuff in the mind, likely you can take things from it, like secrets, passwords and memories that are very personal. They are even working on how to do this via wireless connection too.  In the book ‘Snow Crash‘ by Neal Stephenson, the premise surrounds a world with a Matrix-like system that has a virus that is killing people connected to it and it affects their physical minds.  These are all real possibility and even if some day we actually have the singularity, the AI may decide to attack your mind, “for your own good”.

Think about it with this and other really advanced technologies.   People will use all kinds or compassion or just slick arguments to convince you it is no big deal and you are just missing out.  This just maybe something you want to miss out on.


Written by Tally Stick

March 3rd, 2016 at 8:24 am