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Bathroom Battleground: Who’s rights matter most, public or minority group?

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A very divisive issue is brewing in America with both sides digging in and it seems like it will take years of litigation and legislation to figure out where we as a country, stand.   It is about the use to public bathrooms & restrooms by the opposite biological sex for pre-operation transgender individuals.   I use the word “Pre-OP” very deliberately because I need to define that I see a difference and believe regardless of anyone’s personal views on gender reassignment, once you have made the switch, I believe that takes a huge amount of conviction and they should be treated fairly as humans and Americans under the law and be able to use the bathroom they have assigned for.  You may find this controversial in itself but I do not, freedom is a double-edged sword and that means we are free to disagree as well as we are free to live a variety of lifestyles.

The real issue is the idea that genders are a social construct, not a hard biological fact.  That is a very controversial issue that is very much rooted in a ideology that many supporters of this idea think that the issue is settled and the debate is over.  You can reaffirm this viewpoint by reading the comments in Seattle, Washington where they have had a Pro-PreOP-Trans law pass and an incident happened that not only pointed out flaws in how the laws was written, but also had a person test the limits of the law.  This set-off a firestorm of comments in the ultra-progressive segment of the LGBT community on this issue.   If you want a small peek into feelings on this issue and the intellectual arguments used to support or challenge this views, I would recommend reading all the comments (even the bad ones).

Proponents of the new WA state law that went into effect in 2015 is billed as a anti-discrimination laws cites that genders can be an expression, versus a a biological fact.  Many supporter express that opposition to this new law amounts to a form of bigotry or hatred toward the transgender community.   Opponents on the hand cite that is law denies public privacy rights that are an accepted part of society for much of recorded history and that allowed the other biological sex in the opposite genders bathroom violates their privacy and puts them at risk of an attack from a sexual predator that would use the laws loose rules to take advantage of someone, especially young children.

My thoughts are that these laws needs to be written in a way that addresses the public’s safety concern that seems to be easily swept away in a political movement that supports progress at all costs in this area and dismisses any concerns or challenge to other people who are also affected and do not have a ulterior motive of disrespect for the small minority group of transgender people and their supporters.  The public does have interest here and it is a valid concern.  In the meantime it seems like a reasonable compromise while we figure out the proper balance on interests in this case it to create more single occupancy gender-neutral / family restrooms.  Some of the more radical elements in the LGBT movement dismiss this because they feel that is a form of discrimination but in my mind that makes me wonder if they in fact my have an ulterior motive to radically change society to be molded to their social norms and customs to do in fact only represent a very small fraction of society as a whole.

What do you think?  Please sound-off.

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February 29th, 2016 at 3:50 pm

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